BBDTC 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Course on the BBDTC

The BBDTC is an e-learning platform that supports the biomedical community to access, develop and deploy open training materials. The course presents step-by-step guide to create a course on the BBDTC platform.

  1. BBDTC
  2. User Guide

The BBDTC ( is a community-oriented platform to encourage high-quality knowledge dissemination with the aim of growing a well-informed biomedical big data community through collaborative efforts on training and education.

The BBDTC 101 course includes:

Unit 1: Create a Course Cover Page on the BBDTC
 • What is an Offering?
 • Creating Course Cover Page
   o Title and Short Description
   o Overview: Long Description
   o Offerings
   o Course Related Pages, e.g., Required Readings, Required Software
 • Adding Other Instructors

Unit 2: Building the Outline for Your Course
 • Managing the Course Outline
   o Lectures, Activities and Assessments
   o Different Ways to Upload Course Material

Unit 3: Creating an Assessment and Tracking Progress
 • Creating an Assessment or a Quiz on the BBDTC
 • Checking the Progress of the Students Enrolled in your Course
   o Progress view
   o Grade view
   o Reports view
   o Editing the grade policy

Unit 4: Avenues to network with Students
 • Making Announcements through the BBDTC
 • Adding Wiki Pages to your Course
 • Managing Discussion Boards
 • How to make the Course public on the BBDTC