NBCR Summer Training Program - "cellPACK Workshop"

NBCR is pleased to offer a Summer Training Program (STP) to introduce users to the cellPACK and cellVIEW tools for molecular packing on cellular data. In this course, instructors will introduce the broad principles of cellPACK and demonstrate steps to build a custom “recipe” by modeling cell compartments with triangular meshes and proteins or “ingredients” from their respective crystallographic structure. Participants will learn cellPACK, cellVIEW and cellPAINT tools to enhance their research on drug discovery, multi-scale modeling, and complex biology.

  1. biophysical modeling
  2. biotechnology
  3. cell modeling
  4. Computational Biology
  5. Life Science
  6. molecular simulation
  7. National Biomedical Computation Resource
  8. NBCR
  9. technology
  10. three-dimensional meshes
  11. Tool
  12. User Guide

In this course, students will learn the principle of cellPACK and blender. Participants will also follow a step by step tutorial and get experience using cellPACK as a blender plug-in. An optional module introducing a new tool cellPAINT is also included in this course.

Unit 1: Introduction to cellPACK

  • Lecture on cellPACK
  • Lecture on cellPACK example and introduction to FLEX

Unit 2: Introduction to Blender

  • Hands-on demonstration on Blender

Unit 3: cellPACK tutorial

Unit 4: cellPAINT

  • Introduction and demonstration of cellPAINT

This course serves as a starting point or supplementary educational materials for anyone who wants to learn cellPACK. Click on Go to Course to start learning today.