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    I received my B.S. in Physics with emphasis in condensed matter from San Diego State University in 1989. Following this, I spent two and a half years supporting clinical neuroscience research under Dr. Doug Will and alongside Dr. Dave Warner (who was an M.D./Ph.D. student at the time) at Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Neurology Research Center (NRC), during which time I helped pioneer new ways of integrating and applying virtual reality, novel sensor technologies, and data visualization techniques to the clinical setting in areas such as quantitative assessment of movement disorders (Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, ALS), physical rehabilitation (augmentative communication, environmental control), and electrophysiological measurement and analysis of bioelectromagnetic data (EEG, ECG, EMG, MEG).

    I did two years of graduate work in neurophysiology at Loma Linda University and was a research assistant at the Parkinson’s Research Center (PRC) at Jerry L. Pettis Veterans Medical Center under the direction of Dr. Jeff Tosk within the research wing of Dr. Ross Adey. I assisted with research into the biophysical basis of Parkinson’s Disease and related movement disorders, including in vitro cell culture work with dopaminergic neurons, using HPLC to measure dose-response to amphetamine, photoacoustic spectroscopy work on the optical absorption properties of neuromelanin, and chemiluminescent studies of oxidative burst in J774 macrophage cells as a model for microglial cell death.

    While a student at LLU, I also co-Directed a medical education computer-based learning center and collaborated with physician/mentors on a range of medical education courseware development projects. I was a member of the IMED medication education consortium.

    I worked for four years as a multimedia specialist for the San Diego State University College of Sciences. Through workshops and online instructional materials I assisted faculty with web-based course delivery and smart classroom presentations.

    I spent five years as Supervisor of the SDSU Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering where I directed work on the incorporation of high-performance computing including modeling, simulations, visualization and data-intensive computing into the undergraduate curriculum.

    I currently work full-time as an Educational Programmer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center on the UCSD campus. I work to promote the use of cyberinfrastructure within the K-12 and undergraduate education community through workshops, training, and curriculum development in collaboration with a talented group of co-workers and educators.

    I also teach part time as an Adjunct Professor at Cuyamaca College. I have taught Flash Web Animation (GD222), CSS/XHTML (CIS211), and PHP/MySQL Dynamic Web Apps (CIS219).

    I recently completed a masters degree in the SDSU Education Technology Master’s Program.

    I have extensive experience in education courseware development with emphasis on challenging concepts in science. I has published and presented work in such diverse areas as visualization of electrophyisological data, virtual reality technologies applied to neurorehabilitation, distributed medical intelligence, and instructional design of CD-ROM video-based case studies for pre-service teachers in math and science education. My CV is available on request.

    I enjoy hiking, biking (road and mountain), all kinds of art, gardening/composting, learning.

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